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Client: The Royal Mint
Project: Charles Dickens £2

To celebrate 200 years since the birth of Charles Dickens, the Royal Mint have launched a new £2 coin.

Charles Dickens was an author of huge energy, and over the course of his life he produced an enormous volume of novels, short stories and even poetry and plays. Much of his work has endured and continues to entertain and carry relevance today, popping up in the school curriculum, films, television dramas, west end shows, and a whole host of pop culture references.

The design draws upon Dickens' iconic profile and pays reference to the titles of his well known works – from his early writings, Sketches by Boz, to his final and unfinished novel the Mystery of Edwin Drood. Dickens, a man defined by his work.

The new coins will be released into general circulation in 2012.

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