coca cola euro 2012 identity
coca cola euro 2012 identity
coca cola euro 2012 identity
coca cola euro 2012 identity

Client: iLUKA
Project: Coca Cola Euro 2012 Identity
Credit: Produced at 3 fish in a tree

A proposal for the identity of Coca Cola at the UEFA Euro 2012 Championships.

The UEFA Euro 2012 brand identity takes inspiration from Wycinanki (pronounced "vee-chee-nan-kee") – the slavic art of papercutting, which is traditional in both Poland and Ukraine.

Paper wycinanki dates from the mid-nineteenth century. Colorful wycinanki were pasted on furniture or roof beams as decoration, hung in windows, and given as gifts. Wycinanki vary by region. For example, wycinanki created in the Kurpie region are typically all one color, while wycinanki from the Łowicz region are multicolored.

The proposed Coca Cola Euro 2012 branding has been designed to have a real synergy with the UEFA identity, but with a Coke twist. The graphic language is takes its cues from wycinanki, whilst remaining fun, vibrant and energetic – inline with Coca Cola's core brand message of 'open happiness'.

Within the main graphic itself, interspersed between football iconography, are symbols of some of the host cities of the championships – the Tower of Lviv, the Kharkov Town Flag, the Mermaid of Warsaw and the Twin Goats of Poznan.

In addition to working on the identity, we also collaborated with CGI specialists, Oaker, to visualise concept designs for Coca Cola's corporate hospitality venue at the Championships.

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